March 5th, 2024 🧠 Claude vs GPT-4

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Imagine an inbox where every email has a draft reply, where every email has a 1-line summary, where you can turn an idea into a fully written email, where you can improve your writing, fix your grammar, and write in any language. 

Superhuman is the most powerful AI email ever made. Fly through your inbox twice as fast as before, reply to important messages sooner, and get 4 hours back every week. 


Anthropic’s new AI beats GPT-4

On Monday, Anthropic launched Claude 3 — a suite of AI models the company claims are its fastest and most powerful yet.

Claude 3 comes in three flavors: Claude 3 Opus, Claude 3 Sonnet, and Claude 3 Haiku. Unlike the company’s earlier models, Claude 3 is multimodal, so it understands and interacts with text and photo user inputs.

Unlike the company’s earlier models, Claude 3 is multimodal, so it understands and interacts with text and photo user inputs, and it seems Claude 3 is outperforming GPT-4 across several benchmarks.

Take Claude Opus as an example. According to the company, it showed better graduate-level understanding than GPT-4, scoring 50.4 over GPT-4’s 35.7.

Even the smallest of the bunch, Haiku, is showing some impressive results, with the company saying in a blog post that it can “read a dense research paper complete with charts and graphs in less than three seconds.”


Create a podcast out of thin air

Imagine a Canva-like platform but for audio — one where you can easily generate high-quality tracks for your podcast, projects, ads, and more.

That’s the idea behind Wondercraft, an AI-powered platform that wants to make audio accessible to everyone.

The idea is pretty simple: you type, and the platform, built on ElevenLabs AI, turns it into studio-quality audio. You can pick from different AI voices or even clone your own voice to make your projects more personal. They've also got templates to make things faster, like one for a daily news reader, which was used to make this Hacker News podcast.

Once you’re done, you can automatically translate or dub your audio to over 15 different languages and quickly generate a video to pair with your project just by typing in a few keywords. 

So, if you’ve been mulling over the idea of starting a podcast but don’t want to spend money on some high-tech studio, it might be time to try…


Humaan provides AI models through an API so you can build apps faster. uses AI to summarize YouTube videos while highlighting insights.

Blobr is an AI-powered assistant that’s connected to your business tools.

Txt Your Ex uses AI to help you get over your breakup and finally find closure. 

M1-project uses AI to help optimize your Facebook ad’s copy and targeting.

Velvet uses AI to give everyone the ability to easily access product data.

Slite launched a new AI tool that makes your documents much more readable.


Written by Aaron O’Leary with Sarah Wright.

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