March 26, 2024 Goodbye Siri, Hello Martin

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In today’s digest:

  • When will we get AGI? See what the experts say.

  • Siri’s out. Will a new AI butler win you over?

  • Airtable gets AI.

  • And other AI tools you might have missed.

Let’s get into it!


Bye Siri, Hello Martin?

Most of iOS users would agree — Siri sucks. YC President & CEO Garry Tan blames Apple’s closed system, recently tweeting that Siri's failure is due to "the sin of self preferencing and closed systems."

K, so how about an assistant that uses multiple LLMs?

Enter Martin, a new AI butler and iOS app. Martin not only comes with a delightfully posh British accent, he integrates with all the tools you already use, like your search engine, calendars, and emails.

The makers demoed a few promising features in Martin’s launch yesterday. One huge benefit to Martin is that he’s easily reachable by text, email, and voice. You can cc him into your email thread to schedule meetings for you, but he’ll also notice events on your calendar and preemptively help you prep for them, like finding a restaurant for your dinner meeting and sending you popular menu items ahead of time.

And yes, YC is putting its money and support where its mouth is. Martin is YC-backed; a part of the Summer 2023 cohort.

As for Siri, “she” might not be around much longer — at least, not by name. Researchers from Apple are working on getting their assistant to work without needing a trigger phrase like “Siri.”

Don’t worry, old girl. We won’t forget you.

Hex is our data platform here at Product Hunt, and we love it. Seriously. Our CEO, a former data scientist, recently said "It's the data tool I've always dreamed of."

We use Hex to do everything from measuring how this ad campaign performs to publishing interactive data apps internally and externally.

What we love about Hex:

  • It brings together a bunch of data science and analytics tools in one place

  • The Jupyter-style notebooks combined with LLM rock. AI assists us in writing SQL queries AND the Python code to massage data from the SQL queries.

  • Beautiful charts and visualizations.

  • Version control of dashboards. Very helpful for collaborative dashboard building.


Five years to AGI

When will we have AGI, or Artificial General Intelligence, or full AI?

That’s the big question that everyone’s asking, and a couple of AI leaders in big tech have recently weighed in.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang suggested we’re only five years away from AGI. But Vishal Sharma, Amazon's VP for AGI (ya, I didn’t know that was an actual title either), thinks we’re further out.

Much of the discrepancy is the way AGI is defined. Huang’s five-year prophecy is based on the idea of giving AI a specific set of tests where AI performs a determinable percentage better than a human.

Sharma’s entire vision for AI looks different. He sees “personal" AGI systems tailored to each individual and every situation. Such a future would likely require a new level of understanding achieved in AI through “embodied AI.”

Say what? “Embodied AI” is a topic for another day, but even at the surface, the concept starts to paint a picture of how big the scope of AGI really is.


Seeing is understanding

Struggling to understand how generative AI chatbots work? No judgments here — some of us are visual learners.

Try this instead: Look Into The Machine’s Mind. This website shows how ChatGPT would respond to a prompt. The researcher, Santiago Ortiz, gave the API the prompt “Intelligence is…” hundreds of times and created visualizations of the responses.


Vapi lets developers build, test, and deploy voice bots in minutes.

WeGoTrip offers AI-created, self-guided audio tours with human moderation.

Claros is like an AI alt to Wirecutter. Get product recs without tons of research.

Gillion is a growth and funding platform that uses data from your tools to optimize your growth.

Creatie is a product design tool to go from prototyping to design to handoff.

GovernanceAI detects and fixes API design and implementation issues.

Eternity AI is a new LLM focused on mimicking human behavior by accessing the internet in real time.


Thanks for going deeper with us!

Written by Sarah Wright with Aaron O’Leary.

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