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Cyber Patterns by Jason LevinSocial media strategies for nerds trying to blow up the internet


Inflection’s new AI modal is a more human-like GPT-4

Inflection AI, founded by Deepmind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, which raised a huge $1.3 billion last year, announced its latest flagship model, Inflection-2.5

Why should I care?

Inflection-2.5 is designed to take on AI heavyweights like GPT-4 and Google’s Gemini. It outperforms the company’s original model fairly significantly and gets close to GPT-4 across several metrics like mathematics, coding, and multi-task language understanding (MMLU).

How good is it?

While 2.5 doesn’t beat GPT-4 outright, it has to be pointed out that this near-GPT performance has been achieved with much more efficient training. According to the launch announcement, it took only 40% of the FLOPs (compute) of GPT-4 to reach this level

If you want to give it a whirl, you can try it out on the company’s ChatGPT alternative, Pi, which is a more witty and human-like AI chatbot that’s currently available on iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop.


AI Assist by Dopt helps you build relevant in-app product assistance.

Lummi lets you explore over 13,000 AI-generated stock photos.

Picurious uses AI to turn your static photos into learning moments.

Travelicious is an AI-powered travel guide for your next big trip. 

Typper BI lets you create data charts using AI in natural language. 

PitchBob is an AI pitch deck generator and startup copilot.

Athina AI monitors your LLMs and detects any potential hallucinations.


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