June 11, 2024 Apple's best AI features

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Written by Sarah Wright

Hey folks! I’ve done some slight reorganizing here. I’m starting out with one big read, which is all about Apple’s new AI tools. Then, I’ve done a short feature on a product you can’t miss. From there, I’ve touched on some news highlights and ended with rapid-fire AI products that launched.

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Apple’s biggest new AI features

Apple’s WWDC was yesterday and a lot was announced in the 90-minute pre-recorded event, including “Apple Intelligence.” Yup, Apple rebranded AI to Apple Intelligence. Personally, I think it’s a genius marketing move.

But without further ado, let’s get into it. Here are Apple’s best new AI features:

  • Siri is more deeply integrated and has a lovely little glow effect. She understands context (like who your mom is) and can manage follow-up conversations. She can work across third-party apps and give device support (like changing from light to dark mode). You can type to her, too.

  • ChatGPT integration: You’ll have the option to access ChatGPT for free, without creating an account.

  • iPad’s Calculator App: The new Math Notes experience solves equations as you write them. Woah.

  • Image generation: Apple has a new app called Image Playground that’s integrated across the device. You can generate images, or alter them, in animation, illustration, or sketch styles. Images can be created directly in Messages, Notes, or Keynote, for example, and third-party apps that use the API.

  • Emojis: Image generation means cool emojis, too, including personalized Memojis for you and friends.

  • Photos & Video: You can ask the Photos app to create a video with your specific requirements (“Leo learning to fish”). Gone are those mediocre photo albums no one asked for. You can also edit your photos or search them with natural language.

  • Writing Tools: Your iOS devices are getting those grammar, summary, and copy generation features you’ve had to use other AI tools for. You’ll also be able to record and transcribe notes, and record in a live call.

  • Smart Script copies your handwriting on iPadOS with the Apple Pencil.

  • Notifications: Your device will now prioritize what’s important to you like push notifications or important emails at the top.

Three more things to ponder :

  • If you’re freaked out by AI/Apple having access to your data, see how Apple addressed privacy here.

  • You can read more about Apple’s On-Device and Server Foundation Models that power Apple Intelligence here.

  • These updates left a lot of us questioning, “What does this do to the competing AI tools we’ve already been using?” 


Tab organization on autopilot

IMHO, the best AI products today are made by those who understand where AI should do the leg work, and where a personal touch elevates a tool’s efficiency to the next level. Peek fits the bill.

Peek is a browser tab organizer with features that punch above its weight as a productivity tool. AI organizes your tabs and groups them while you work. Then you can manage them in your workspace.

Let’s say you’ve been searching in multiple tabs for content about how to implement RAG. First, Peek will group those tabs for you. Then, you can open up your sidebar workspace and add notes to those groups, including AI generated summaries or bullet points. You can even drag & drop or nest items, like another group of tabs with your searches for RAG tools underneath. If you accidentally open a duplicate site, Peek will catch it and group it. Also, the tool will make suggestions on how to group tabs as you’re going down a rabbit hole of browsing.


For productivity

  • Invisibility lets you use all the major AI models, like GPT-4o and Claude, with one subscription.

  • Riffo automatically organizes and renames all of your messy files. 

For creating

  • Alva AI is a copilot for life. It assists with daily tasks, manages your schedule, and oversees goals.

  • Descript, launched Underlord, a video assistant that helps you edit faster.

  • Detail put more editing tools right into the recording experience.

For fun

  • Touring helps you find hidden gems while traveling. 

For developers

  • Hanabi.rest lets you build a REST API using natural language and screenshots.

  • Reliv makes running end-to-end tests for web services faster by automating them with AI.

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