January 9, 2024: Golden Kitty Awards

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Here are your AI winners

Earlier this month, you had your say on the best products of 2023. The community voted earnestly across 18 categories for the products that impressed them the most last year. 

When it comes to AI, we knew, given the year we just had, that we couldn’t narrow it down to just one category. So we opened up four.

Here are your AI products of the year:

AI Features: Notion AI

AI Infra: Langfuse 

AI Model: GPT-4 

AI Product: Dora AI (Alpha)

The winners here will go down in history in our Hall of Fame, digitally etched alongside history-making products like Stripe and Figma. They’ll also get to take home a coveted Golden Kitty trophy and all the bragging rights that go with it.

If you want to check out the other winners, including the newly crowned Product of the Year, check out our announcement. 


Tired of explaining the same thing over and over again to your colleagues? It’s time to delegate that work to AI. guidde is a GPT-powered tool that helps you explain the most complex tasks in seconds with AI-generated documentation

  • Turn boring documentation into stunning visual guides

  • Save valuable time by creating video documentation 11x faster

  • Share or embed your guide anywhere for your team to see

Simply click capture on our browser extension, and the app will automatically generate step-by-step video guides complete with visuals, voiceover, and call to action.


I don’t cook, I don’t clean

“Now let me tell you how I got this ring.”

No, I won’t recite a Cardi B song for you. However, you might be singing that intro over and over again very soon if AI has anything to say about it.

A team of researchers at Stanford built a new AI system that can perform fairly complex tasks in various environments. It’s called ALOHA (A Low-cost Open-source Hardware System for Bimanual Teleoperation).

Recently, the team demo-ed a robot running ALOHA cooking up a feast. It cracks eggs, flips chicken thighs, chops salad, and even plates it all.

It doesn’t stop there. The team insists it’s not limited to just cooking. Its impressiveness lies in its adaptability. They have even seen success when directing it clean and handling a laundry load.


ai-o - Browse the web with an AI companion in hand.

Koosh - Use AI to transform static sites into dynamic experiences.

Infinity Shortcuts - Supercharge iPhone shortcuts with a dose of AI.

Yomu AI - An AI writing tool built for both students and academics.

Superhuman AI for iOS - Write emails faster with AI on your iPhone and iPad.

Broadcast - An AI tool for capturing notes, making decisions, and automating actions.

Pinecone Serverless - Build GenAI apps faster, easier, and for a more affordable price.

Camp 2.0 - A tool that uses AI to understand and organize your screenshots.


Written by Aaron O’Leary with Sarah Wright.

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