January 9, 2024 🧠 Gemini topples GPT-4

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This new AI search app changes how you browse

What do you get when you combine a browser, search engine, and a healthy dose of AI?

That’s what the team behind Arc asked themselves, and the result was Arc Search. A standalone mobile app built to change how we interact with the web.

At the core of it is “Browse for me,” an AI-powered feature, built on top of OpenAI models that generates a webpage containing the most relevant pieces of information from every search you do.

Say you wanted to read the highlights of the Chief’s game. Type in your search query, and the app will quickly scour the web – reading six different links.

Once finished, Arc Search will grab key points like the final score, MVP, and additional commentary, and build you a website based on it so you can quickly skim through and get the info you need without having to first deal with ads, GDPR pop-ups, and scrolling to the right section.


Apple is about to enter the AI ring

When you think about AI, several companies come to mind, like OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, Anthropic, and some others. One that has been surprisingly missing from the conversation is Apple.

The company that went from tech underdog to being the first company to reach a trillion-dollar market cap has been suspiciously silent on AI, until now.

WWDC is right around the corner and with it the anticipated release of iOS 18 and, according to a few code screengrabs, Apple is heads down building AI into its latest software update – with the help of OpenAI.

According to 9to5mac, Apple is building a SiriSummarization framework that will respond to phrases like “please summarize,” “please answer this question,” and “please summarize the given text.”

While Apple will likely build and use its own models, it looks like the company is relying on OpenAI’s ChatGPT API for internal testing for now.


To be AI or not to be

✍️ AI Poetry: Who says AI can’t inspire? A maker decided to combine his love of AI, and poetry by building an alarm clock that uses ChatGPT to generate and display a new poem every minute so that you can feel inspired all day long. It’s currently on Kickstarter.

🥊 Gemini vs GPT-4: The AI race is heating up with two heavyweights going head to head. Google’s Gemini Pro has laid down its marker by clinching second place on the HuggingFace Chat Bot Arena Leaderboard – ahead of GPT-4.


OpenCopilot v2 - Integrate an AI assistant directly into your product.

Sune AI - An AI-powered operating system built for team collaboration.

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Sketch Logo AI - Generate logos, designs, and tattoos with AI.

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Brainner - An AI tool to screen potential hire’s resumes more efficiently.

Zerve AI - A platform for ML teams to collaborate and build AI products.


Written by Aaron O’Leary with Sarah Wright.

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