January 9, 2024: AI elections

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OpenAI is serious about elections

Politics and tech are in a bit of a tricky space. For several years, concerns have been brewing over its influence on elections across the globe, and with AI becoming a staple of our day-to-day lives, those concerns have only grown louder.

2024 is a big year for politics. Almost half the world will go to the polls to elect their respective leaders. The big one on people’s minds is the US election, and OpenAI is getting ahead of it by announcing the company’s plans to add election guardrails to ChatGPT.

The team quietly added a “guardian tool” to the chat bot’s content policy that prevents it from talking about voting and elections in the US. Instead of taking the risk of content being used for misinformation during the election cycle, ChatGPT will now direct you to CanIVote.org for further information.


These are the GPTs you’re looking for

The AI race is already in full swing and has been for some time, with OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, Meta, and more all vying for some sweet market share. Now, OpenAI is looking to place itself firmly ahead with a new kind of app store.

The company launched its GPT store last week, a platform where users can upload their own custom-trained ChatGPT bots, called GPTs, or search and download others based on specific use cases like writing, cooking, productivity, etc. 

The GPT store was initially slated to release around November, but the Sam Altman - OpenAI board drama put a brief halt to it whilst the company worked to get back on track. 

According to the company announcement, the GPT store already boasts a whopping 3 million GPTs ready to download, with some built by companies like AllTrails, Canva, and Khan Academy. 


The Golden Kitty Awards are here

It’s that time of year again. The 2023 Golden Kitty Awards are here, celebrating the best products, most innovative makers, and most supportive community members of the past year. Every year, these awards are anticipated for several different reasons. 

First of all, you (yes, you) get to have your say on what products were the cream of the crop in 2023. Your vote can directly impact your favorite product, receiving a coveted Golden Kitty trophy and all the acclaim that goes with it. 

The big deal: Winning a Golden Kitty can also be a game changer for a maker. Don’t just take our word for it. We had something physical we could hold. It was very supportive,” explained Cem Kozinoglu, the founder behind Slash keyboard, which was acquired by Giphy. 

There are plenty of AI products to vote for across four categories: Best AI Product, AI Model, AI Infra, and AI Features. You might even discover your next favorite AI tool among the nominees.

Who will take the crown? You tell us.


Codebay - Use AI to learn Python faster with a personalized tutor.

PayMeForMyAI - A platform to add a payment system to your GPTs.

pre dev - A chatbot to help you go from idea to product faster.

GPT Auth - Add authentication and analytics to your custom GPTs.

Fliz AI - Turn any public URL into a shareable video in minutes.

Ubique - An AI tool for generating sales videos at scale.

AI Assist - An assistant to help you write, edit, and fix SQL queries.

AI Picasso - A tool to turn static images into dancing videos.


Written by Aaron O’Leary with Sarah Wright.

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