April 9, 2024 Clone your brain

Hey folks! Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter most when it comes to AI. In this week’s edition, we’re covering:

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This AI tool handles the marketing so you can focus on building

Marketing, when you boil it down, is an information game. It’s all about taking large swathes of potentially complex information and breaking it down into digestible and shareable pieces of content and distributing it almost anywhere you have potential customers.

Anyone with experience in marketing knows it’s difficult, especially when you’re a solo founder. Vignesh Warer found that out when he launched Keep It Shot, a tool that renames your screenshots. Shortly after being tweeted about by the Product Hunt social team, Vignesh was swamped with emails from users requesting pricing information, sending bug reports, providing feedback, and more over the course of three days.

Massive interest in your product is obviously a good thing, but when you’re a solo founder, it can quickly become unsustainable, especially when you want to focus on building. So Vigenesh got to work building a solution, and thus, Brain Mimic was born.

Brain Mimic is a browser extension that lets you quickly generate custom content inspired by your data by letting you select and save it to a database. From there it will use large language models (LLMs) to quickly generate a bite-sized response using the content you’ve saved.

Imagine someone is requesting pricing information. Rather than formulating a new reply for each request, you can hit the ‘mimic me’ button and the extension will get to work analyzing the question, understanding your tone, and crafting the appropriate information into a digestible response — ready to be sent.

It also lets you take the more traditional route by generating a response with a custom prompt, which allows you to add even more context and, according to the maker, can increase your writing speed by up to 10x.

It’s not just for emails, either. It can be used on any site with text forms like X, Slack, Reddit, etc. As someone with an overflowing inbox after a week of vacation, this has made my day.


Spotify’s latest AI tool

“Hey Spotify, make me a playlist inspired by Beyonce’s Cowboy Carter” - was the prompt I typed this morning while testing Spotify’s newest AI launch. 

Since AI burst onto the tech scene, Spotify has been one of the larger companies that has fully embraced it. The music streaming service has already seen success with its popular AI DJ feature and Daylists, and now the team has announced AI playlists

Like many AI integrations these days, it’s heavily based on prompts, but where it differs is in its complexity. In addition to some of the more basic requests like mine above, the playlist AI can also handle more creative requests like “beats to battle a zombie apocalypse” or “tunes to serenade my cat,” and Spotify insists that prompts can reference all sorts of things like animals, colors, activities but the best ones will include artists, genres, etc. 

Spotify is also using its data on user tastes to customize the playlists it generates, and users themselves can use AI to edit and refine the generated playlist by instructing it to be “less poppy” or “more upbeat.” 

It’s currently available in the UK and Australia but Spotify aims to expand quickly.


Delve into delve

What are some of the immediate tell tale signs of AI content? For some its sentence structure, other its hashtags, and for a lot its some funky interpretation of fingers.

For YC founder, Paul Graham, it often times boils down to words and one in particular stood out to him when he got a cold outreach email; delve.

Delve, meaning to investigate something further to discover meaning is a fairly common word in the English dictionary, so common that AI has decided to take it and ramp it up to the max. Check out this article that shows the dramatic uptick in the usage of the word right around the time AI became popular.

What words and phrases stand out to you? I’m thinking deep-dive, buckle up, and exciting.


Rizz lets you go on training dates with A.I. to practice and build confidence.

SAAS GPT generates personalized dashboard starter React repo for you.

Release AI tracks & documents API changes and generates release notes.

Brave launched its privacy-preserving AI assistant, Leo, on iOS. 

Noctie lets you practice chess (at any level) with an A.I. owl.

UI Bakery’s latest launch lets you generate a web app with a simple prompt.

Muraena helps you find promising sales leads with the power of AI.  

Thanks for going deeper with us!

Written by Aaron O’Leary

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