April 16, 2024 Certified AI Boy

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Deeper Learning

Written by Aaron O’Leary

Hey folks! It’s Tuesday, you know what that means. Time to go deeper. In today’s digest, I’m covering Meta’s newest and largest AI model yet, a new AI song from Drake, and some recent AI products you might have missed.

Let’s get into it!


It doesn’t matter how many riveting episodes of Suits I watch — when it comes time to actually read a contract, I shrivel up with boredom. And I know I’m not the only one that skims their contracts. That’s why SpeedLegal struck a chord on Product Hunt last week, gathering the upvotes to make it the top-voted AI product of the week last week.

SpeedLegal is a platform that reviews and parses your contracts to make them simple to understand. It flags items that have risks and even helps you make edits so you can negotiate terms. The team says they’re also working on a browser extension to help you easily break down T&Cs, like when you have to buy health insurance online.

The founders of SpeedLegal started the company as a means to solve their own problem — reading and reviewing legal docs. The startup recently participated in TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 Startup Battlefield 200 AI.

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Meta’s largest AI model yet: Mark Zuckerberg, or should I say “Zuck,” took to Instagram Live last week to announce Llama 3, the company’s largest suite of AI models to date. Meta claims Llama 8B and 70B are “among the best-performing models for their respective parameter count” beating the likes of Mistral 7B and Gemini 7B. Like previous models, Llama 3 is entirely open-source. Read the full summary.

Certified AI boy: AI had already started to weave its way into the music scene, and now it has hit the mainstream after Drake released his second diss track aimed at Kendrick Lamar, titled “Taylor Made Freestyle.” The track has caused a bit of a stir online due to it using AI to mimic vocals from Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dogg. Listen here.


What questions do you have about A.I. that you’re afraid to ask?

How do they test AI models? What the heck is a parameter? How are models trained? How do GPUs work? I want to try building with AI, where do I start?

If you’ve ever wondered about some of these questions or questions like them, drop us a comment or hit reply on this email. We’re working on a new article series where we answer your questions simply and thoroughly — no jargon and no vague A.I. generated summaries (ya, I said it.) Our inbox is open.


For Makers

  • Tabula uses AI to automate your startup's analytics.

  • AskBetter helps you validate your startup with AI.

For Work

  • Sonnet is an end-to-end AI meeting assistant with a fully automated CRM.

  • Ayraa just launched a new AI search tool designed to make interacting with work easier.

For Developers

  • Pullpo uses AI to complete code reviews in hours instead of days.

  • Fine is an AI-powered developer that can plan, generate, and test your app.

Thanks for going deeper with us!

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