April 16, 2024 Your brain on AI

Deeper Learning

Written by Aaron O’Leary

Hey folks! It’s Tuesday, you know what the mean, time to go deeper. In today’s digest, I’m covering:

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Music 🤝 AI

Did you know that a whopping 66% of Americans have explored playing a musical instrument at some point in their life? That mightn’t surprise you too much if you’ve been paying attention to the rise of TikTok and Soundcloud artists who have dreams of topping the charts. 

While creating music has become more accessible with online learning, AI, and platforms like Soundcloud, breaking into the scene is still a mystery. 

That’s why Venice Music exists; founded by Troy Carter and Suzy Ryoo, who, between them, have nurtured the careers of stars like Lady Gaga and John Legend. The two came together to build a platform that helps budding artists market and distribute their music more effectively. Now, they are launching Venice Co-Manager

Co-Manager is an AI-powered assistant for your music career. It combines your existing music data like subscribers, play count, and sales with industry expert knowledge to give you personalized recommendations on how to grow. 

Say you’re wondering how to increase your YouTube numbers. Co-Manager will analyze your current data and pull insights from experts in things like marketing, streaming, and artist management to provide a customized plan of action. Or say you want to find artists to collaborate with, it will delve into your musical style and audience size and help you reach out to suitable artists.


Your brain on AI

It’s a whopper month for AI devices. The rabbit r1 team is gearing up to ship out their first orders, MKBHD reviewed the Humane pin, and now the team behind Rewind has announced their latest venture.

Limitless is a Web app, Windows app, Mac app, and a wearable to boot that, according to CEO Dan Siroker, “ helps overcome the brain’s limitations, specifically memory and focus.” At its core, Limitless operates as a personalized AI assistant that wants to augment — not replace — human intelligence with AI to overcome some of our limitations around memory and focus. 

The star of the show and the thing most people have focused on is the wearable. The Pendant is a clip-on wearable, reminiscent of an old-school iPod Shuffle, that pares down its functionality to simply recording and processing conversations. 

The idea is that you almost forget it's there as it quietly records and processes things like meetings, so you don’t have to worry about note-taking, meeting prep, follow-ups, and more. All these are things that can prevent you from being truly present. 

From there, the Pendant will process everything it recorded using Rewind’s AI platform and highlight the most important moments like a certain request, a project's completion date, a revenue stat, etc. 

The Limitless Pendant currently ships in 8 different colors — so there is no fear of color clashing. It’s usable without any subscription and, for a limited time, is available to pick up for $99. 


AutoRepurpose helps you repurpose your YouTube videos to grow your social.

Deblank Colors uses AI to generate customizable color palettes. 

Poe 3.0 is the latest version of Quora’s AI with access to multiple different LLMs.

SEOmaker helps you boost your SEO and insights with AI.

Vidyard launched a new tool to generate AI sales videos in a pinch.

Musho is a prompt-powered AI design assistant that lives inside Figma. 

Hyperdoc uses AI to generate flash cards that help you close deals faster.

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