November 28,2023: AGI Imminent?

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As always, AI news is rarely slow. In today’s edition, we’ve gathered updates from the OpenAI saga, including some AGI rumors, the latest AI art trend that is taking social media by storm, some interesting tidbits from around the web, and of course, a collection of tools to supercharge your week.

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What is Q?

By now, you probably know the story of Sam Altman being fired like the back of your hand.

If you don’t, Altman was fired by the board for apparent communication shortcomings. Long story short, the company went through 2 other CEOs, including the then CTO Mira Murati and ex-Twitch CEO Emmett Shear, before finally reinstating Sam, but not until after almost the entire team threatened to resign in protest.

One thing that wasn’t super clear throughout it all was the “why.” Why was Sam fired? Well, now we have an idea, and it’s seemingly down to something named Q.

According to Reuters, in the days leading up to Altman’s four-day exile, some staff researchers flagged what they described as a powerful AI discovery that could threaten humanity to the board.

This is apparently called Project Q, and some believe this could be the breakthrough in AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) the company has been looking for. Something defined as an AI that surpasses human intelligence.

It seems the board might have just finished watching Spiderman 1, and “with great power comes great responsibility“ was still hanging around in their minds when they got wind of this.


The latest AI art trend 

“Make it angrier,” “Make it spicier,“ “Make it sillier.” You might have seen these phrases floating around social media accompanied by increasingly mind-bending AI art generations of a specific scene.

The “more“ trend is the latest AI art trend to explode into the mainstream. It’s pretty simple and also quite comical. The premise is you give ChatGPT a simple enough prompt, say something like “a bowl of Ramen. “ From there, you keep adding to it.

In the case above, it was “more spice“ until the spice transcended human understanding, and the ramen became an omnipotent yet tasty God.

The Product Hunt social team even took a stab at it, imagining just how much celebration a startup could have after receiving funding.


It’s all AI:

AI celebrities are on the rise. No, I’m not joking. Meet Anna Indiana, an AI-generated singer-songwriter. She just launched her new song, “Betrayed by this Town.“ Everything from the key to the chord progression is AI.

Memes become real: 

Remember the meme of the guy checking over his shoulder at another girl whilst his girlfriend is next to him? AI has given us a glimpse into the immediate moments after, and it doesn’t look good for him.



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Written by Aaron O’Leary with Sarah Wright.

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